Services For Non-Profits

Capital project financial management services for non-profits include:

Project Feasibility Assessment:

The project feasibility assessment tests an agency’s readiness to mount a capital project. To get started, we’ll need a target total budget, plus the timeframe for capital campaign, design and construction.  The assessment graphs capital campaign and financing requirements, and provides:

  • Pro-forma summary project budget
  • Capital campaign requirements to meet project commitments
  • Pro-forma estimate of financing costs and loan timeframe
  • Summary cash flow

Project Financial Model

The project financial model is a more detailed version of the project feasibility model, and includes everything necessary to manage the financial elements of a capital project.


Staff Training and Workshops

Staff training and workshops focus on showing the agency’s staff and consultants what project data to collect, how to integrate it into the financial reporting model, how to work with the metric reports, typical issues and how to solve them – and how their part of the puzzle fits into the overall scheme.  I typically train:

  • Development staff
  • Finance and accounting staff
  • Project staff
  • Owner’s rep and General Contractor
  • Board members

Soup-to-Nuts Financial Management

Lotte is available to provide financial management for your project from inception through close-out:

  • Feasibility modeling
  • Development of project financial model
  • Staff training
  • Procurement of financing
  • Monthly update of project data
  • Supervision and review of monthly staff data updates
  • Lender draw presentations
  • Board of director status updates
  • Calculation of annual financing costs post-construction