About Lotte Lieb Dula

LotteLotte Lieb Dula, capital project financial strategist, has helped Denver-area non-profits and municipalities knit together the financial elements of their capital construction projects since 2002. Providing strategic financial advice on over one billion dollars of capital projects, Lotte has created a unique and powerful financial system that enables agencies to benchmark and monitor the critical elements of their capital projects. Lotte has worked on the following projects and programs:

  • Denver Art Museum – Hamilton Building – $110M new addition (2006)
  • Denver Justice Center – $440M, six-phase, multi-building judicial complex (2010)
  • Better Denver Bond Program – $550M (2012)
  • Clyfford Still Museum – $27.6M new structure for start-up non-profit (2011)
  • Denver Museum of Nature and Science – $56.5M new education and collection facility (2014)

Lotte has spent the majority of her life working and volunteering in the non-profit sector.  From her early days volunteering in community radio to working for nearly a decade in a Buddhist community, Lotte is committed to helping make this world a better place. Lotte looks forward to helping you make this world a better place – and helping ensure your project is a success!

DJC Brad FeldLotte lives in Denver, CO with husband, artist Rick Dula, who has painted dramatic images of a number of her construction sites, including the Denver Art Museum, Denver Justice Center, and the Clyfford Still Museum.  Maybe your project is next!






Lotte Lieb Dula provided capital project financial management for the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver. Her expertise and dedication resulted in not only substantial cost savings but also a higher quality building at the end of the project. I would have no hesitation in giving Lotte my highest, unqualified recommendation.–Dean Sobel, Clyfford Still Museum

Lotte is a unique combination of detailed accountant and visionary project manager. She can manage all aspects of major project financial oversight and is extremely trustworthy and reliable.–Edward Scholz, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Lotte Lieb Dula took on major financial responsibilities during the building of the $110 million Frederic C. Hamilton Building of the Denver Art Museum. She managed budget and financing issues, skillfully working with designers, curators, architects, construction firms, the owner's representative, donors, and the financing bank, helping to bring this complicated project to a successful completion. Lotte's foresight and ability to balance the many financial elements of the project proved to be invaluable to the museum; I would highly recommend her for future work in this area–Sharon Kermiet, C.P.A.

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