Fundraising and Financing Fun!

Battleship (126x95)

“You sank my battleship!”

Learn how to balance capital project fundraising and financing elements.

Download this spreadsheet and have some fun  – while you learn how your work affects your teammates’.

Fundraising and financing are two sides of the same coin – after all, it’s all about reeling in cash resources for the project, right?  Designed with the development and financing teams in mind, the spreadsheet contains two tabs, one with capital campaign parameters, the other with financing parameters.

Fundraisers:  adjust aspects of the capital campaign and watch what happens to the financing effort!  Ouch!

Finance folk:  change elements of the financing program and see what pain you can cause your friends down the hall.   Yow!

Or, be nice, and find the sweet spot that leaves both teams smiling, the cash flowing…and the cranes at your construction site busy!

Download the spreadsheet and enjoy!

two attractive business women in office